More about Pendle Radicals

This exciting new project, unfolding over four years from spring 2018, is an exploration of Pendle Hill’s heritage of radical thinkers and non-conformists, from research investigations through commissions of new art to celebration events. The project will provide opportunities for local people of all ages, but especially, we hope, for young people. To kick off our investigation, we are bringing together a team of enthusiastic volunteer researchers. Creating a legacy of new understanding and new artefacts, Pendle Radicals will bring history to life, infuse familiar locations with fresh meaning and add new dimensions to the pride we feel in this very special place.

Who do we mean by Pendle Radicals? They include George Fox, founder of the Quakers, who had his great vision on the summit of Pendle in 1651… Sir Jonas Moore, known as the ‘father of time’, born at Higham and part responsible for the Greenwich Observatory and the creation of Greenwich Mean Time… Selina Cooper, a hero of the suffrage movement in spite of having to work in the mills from the age of 12. Selina, like many members of Nelson ILP (Independent Labour Party) made strong connections to Clarion House at Roughlee, now the last of the Clarion Clubs but still thriving and an inspiring location for followers of socialist politics.

These are just a first few names, but the stories are many, and we are just starting on this exploration. Over four years our project will bring some of those stories to life. In doing so, we can give current residents, especially young people, a window into the past, a fresh sense of local identity and new pride in where they live.

Find more information about Pendle Radicals on our website.

You can find out more about the wider Pendle Hill programme on their website.